4 Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

As riders hit the road for summer, it is important to think of motorcycle safety. Bikers ride for multiple reasons: freedom, fun and a lower commute cost, to name a few. However, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to road dangers, and they must take extra safety precautions. Here, new riders can learn several important safety tips.

Select the Right Motorcycle

Whether someone is a new or veteran rider, it is tempting to buy the biggest and most powerful bike one can afford. However, a new rider lacks the experience to handle some of these bikes. When starting out, riders should choose a bike they can handle easily.

Wear Safety Gear

Today’s motorcyclists hit the road in everything from shorts and flip flops to full body armor. While the former situation may result in more severe injuries in the event of an accident, full gear can be very hot on a summer day. Choose safety gear that’s comfortable and protective for all-season riding in a variety of conditions.

Wear a Helmet

Some states don’t require a rider to wear a helmet on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, but most do. In areas with no helmet laws, there has been a striking increase in head injuries and fatalities. Whether or not it’s required by law, wearing a helmet can save a life. A helmet should offer good protection and peripheral visibility, to allow the rider to react quickly to changing situations on all sides.

Anticipate Others’ Actions

When on a motorcycle, the rider should remember what it is like to drive a car. Before a driver makes a turn or changes lanes, they usually look in that direction. Brake lights and turn signals can come late, but a vehicle always goes in the same direction a driver looks. By paying attention to drivers’ actions, riders can often predict their next steps and act accordingly.

Today’s motorcyclists face many roadside dangers, but that does not mean that riding can’t be fun and safe. By paying attention to themselves, their bikes, their gear, their fellow motorists and road conditions, riders can keep themselves and others safe on each and every ride.