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What is involved in A Good Construction Company The manufacturing sector has doubled its productivity over the last decade. By contrast, a poor record of construction productivity has been flat over the same period. And it is sad to say this since basic management conducts is almost synonymous to these two industries. There are many problems in the construction industry that are serous. Systematic and all too common despite having schools in project management and many technological innovations in place so that this industry will have a chance to succeed. If the industry will not realize the existence of silos around its fold, then levels of communication can devastate the entire project schedule. The key indicator of success in the manufacturing as well as the construction industry is time in any assemblage undertaking. The reason for the success of some companies is precisely because of this. and the secret to the success of overall performance of some companies is placing a high regard in logistic coordination to improve site performance. In general, the construction industry has been reluctant to embrace the benefits of IT. It has not been progressive as other sectors -that are as small as a cleaning industry which has tried to equip its base line worker with electronic devices that can mutually exchange information from the ground zero to HQ. If you don’t want to go wrong with your choice of a company for your construction project, then you need to evaluate the company according to how it has succeeded in the key performance indicator.
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When you evaluate a construction company by how many projects it is handling, or perhaps how popular the construction company is, many construction projects fail. Lack of coordination and proper communications leads to substantial time loss for these companies. In other words there is a proper sequence in constructing things, and if there is no coordination a bad sequence can lead to a waste of time. Material demand is very important in the construction industry and so procurement also plays a big factor. You cant delay on materials since this will cause a stoppage in work flow. If any single material is missing, it causes delay, and causes a bottle neck in many touchpoints of the project which leads to further delay. Project failure and client dissatisfaction is mostly due to this problems.
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Timely project delivery should come first in choosing the right company before you go to other details such as its credentials, its expertise, experience, goodwill and reputation, their rich portfolio, sound management team, a good relationship with their supplier. Many company can have everything but do not hire that which does not deliver a project on time.