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Set the Ambiance with These Essential Vintage Wedding Rentals One of the most important decisions a prospective bride and groom make is their wedding style. There is a current trend in weddings that mine a bygone era which is called vintage weddings. Featured are lots of lace, linen, burlap and feminine flowers combined with antiques and womanly styling. You might be wondering where the vintage wedding couples sourced the timeworn items that complete the theme. The truth is there are lots of vintage and specialty rental outlets that rent this very unique decor to cash in on the trend. Below are some of the items you can rent to have your dream vintage wedding. Classic books
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The rise in popularity of vintage books as part of wedding centerpieces hasn’t escaped the notice of many rental houses who now carry them in their rental inventory. The books can be used to complement the color to the tables and their height relative to the flower arrangements can add depth to the overall table design.
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Specialized seats and furniture Do you love the way contrasting chairs complement a country wedding? Thankfully, you do not have to buy a ton of contrasting chairs for your nuptials as there are a number of rustic wedding rentals that offer mismatched seats. Go over their varied selection of chairs and select what will go well with what you have in mind. Colored or clear mason jars Mason jars have taken vintage weddings by storm. Usually used as drinking glasses, vases, or jars in farms, these farm life staples have become ubiquitous in rustic and country weddings. You don’t want to buy hundred of mason jars just for your wedding? A practical solution would be to rent them only for the day itself. Vintage suitcases and crates Antique suitcases and crates are both decorative and functional in rustic wedding rites. These well-traveled pieces can hold your guest book, place cards, or postcards with wishes for the bride and groom. You can rent these creative and charming props at most rustic wedding rentals. Age-old pews Intimate weddings would have a different seating for guests compared to weddings held in large open fields. You can’t go wrong with renting church pews for a truly vintage elegant look. Nothing exudes classic farm wedding vibe better than classic white church pews. Mismatched tableware Most vintage weddings have some sort of dissimilar style going on. The mismatched look can be found in the contrasting chairs and the unalike china. Very few people possess a large enough china collection for hundreds of guests so renting is your best option. There are country wedding rentals that offer an assortment of mismatched china and silverware for your country chic nuptials.