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What Wheel Alignment Service Entails

There are a number of maintenance issues a person will have to be mindful of when it comes to their vehicles. If a car owner has noticed the tires on their car wearing unevenly or if they’ve noticed that while driving the car tends to pull to the left or two the right, this could be an alignment issue.

This sort of issue can creep up on a car owner and unless the alignment is severely off, the damage done to the tires won’t happen quickly. However, it can gradually affect the handling of the vehicle and it can permanently ruin a completely good set of tires in as little as a few months.

When the Alignment of the Wheels is the Issue

When handling issues or uneven tire wear becomes apparent, the most likely culprit is a Wheel Alignment issue. There are some instances where it is a tire balance issue. This is when a counter weight affixed to the wheel of the car has fallen off. It can also be an issue when tires have drastically different tire pressures, especially when tires are under-inflated. Despite these instances, in most cases, uneven wear and handling issues have to do with the angle at which the front and back tires contact the road.

Adjustments Made

Over time, the contact point of the tire to the road can change away from factory specs and an alignment adjustment will be needed. With most cars, a front-end alignment will be all that is necessary. Often called a thrust angle alignment, adjustments will be made to the camber of the front wheels – this adjusts the tires kicking in or out – to return the tire’s point of contact to the road. This ensures that tire wear and vehicle handling are at optimal levels.

The problem is that the alignment of the wheels should be done every few years and not paying attention could end up costing you big by effectively ruining your tires. The good thing is that an alignment service is relatively affordable, the average is about $80 to $100. In some cases, this services comes with the purchase of new tires. It also doesn’t take a great deal of time to complete. The bottom line is, it’s a small price to pay for maximizing tire wear and better vehicle handling.