Tips For Fixing a Key Scratch on Your Car

Most owners do all they can to protect the finish of their vehicle. Unfortunately, scratches can occur, even when an owner is careful. Sometimes, intentional damage is done, destroying the finish of a vehicle. When an owner takes their vehicle into the auto body shop for repair, they can end up paying as much as $1200 per panel. Thankfully, there is a way owners can overcome the damage themselves by fixing a key scratch with this proven method.

For only $149, a vehicle owner can take care of the scratch themselves with the Ultimate Car Scratch Remover. This kit contains all of the pieces a person needs to fully repair their scratch. This kit repairs:

  • Key scratches
  • Clear coat surface scratches
  • Chips
  • Etches from bird droppings
  • Road debris chips
  • Deep scratches

The first step is polishing the damaged area to smooth it as much as possible. It is imperative the scratch is smoothed and then carefully cleaned to ensure no dirt or debris is left behind. There are a few different techniques that need to be used, depending on the type of scratch damage that is present. A deep key scratch can be repaired with the dab method which involves dabbing small amounts of paint until the scratch is covered.

Once the paint has been dabbed in place, the owner will need to use the included solvent and a soft cloth to gently wipe up the excess paint around the scratch and prepare the area for the next layer of paint. It is crucial an owner properly follows the instructions in the kit so they can rest assured they will be able to properly repair the damage.

Once the touch-up steps have been carried out, no one will be able to tell the damage has been repaired because the result is seamless. Unless viewed closer than three feet, no can even tell the area has been touched up.

This product offers a 100% guarantee that professional results will be achieved or a person can get their money back. A person can try the product and leave the paint on for a full year and still get their money back if they are not happy with the results. With this kit, all types of scratch damage can be repaired.